Extend the functionality
1)When a subclass extends the functionality of its superclass, it is achieved through:

2)In method overriding, the method signature in the subclass must be:

3)Which access modifier can be used for an overridden method in the subclass to make it more restrictive than the superclass method?

4)When a subclass overrides a method from its superclass, the method in the superclass is:

5)Which keyword allows a subclass method to call the superclass method with the same name during method overriding?

6)In Java, which annotation is commonly used to indicate that a method is intended to override a superclass method?

7)Which of the following statements is true about method overriding?

8)Can a subclass override a private method from its superclass?

9)In the context of method overriding, what is the return type of the overridden method in the subclass allowed to be?

10)Which keyword is used to prevent a method from being overridden in a subclass?