Defining Constructors and Initializing Attributes using the Default Constructor
1)What is constructor in object-oriented programming?

2)Constructors are typically defined within which entity?

3)What is the purpose of initializing attributes in a constructor?

4)The default constructor is automatically provided by the compiler when:

5)What values are typically assigned to attributes by the default constructor?

6)If you define any constructors explicitly in a class, will the compiler generate a default constructor?

7)Can a default constructor have parameters?

8)What happens if you define a parameterized constructor but not a default constructor in a class?

9)Which of the following is responsible for setting the initial state of an object?

10)What is the primary purpose of the default constructor?

11)What happens if a class doesn't have a default constructor?

12)Can a class have both a parameterized constructor and a default constructor?

13)Which of the following statements about default constructors is true?

14)In object-oriented programming, what does OOP stand for?

15)Which of the following statements about constructors is true?