To study the Role of Air in each Activity


To study the role of air in each activity.



Air, the gaseous mixture that makes up the Earth's atmosphere. Gases with concentrations that are changeable in both location and time and a group of gases with concentrations that are almost constant are present in the mixture. The invisible gas mixture that envelops Earth is called air. Most organisms depend on essential elements like oxygen and nitrogen found in air to exist. In some cases, "atmosphere" is used in place of "air." 


Uses of Air:

  • Sustain life and growth 
  • Combustion 
  • Maintaining Temperature 
  • Supplier of Energy 
  • Photosynthesis 

Properties of Air:

  • Air is a mixture of many gases, water vapours and dust particles. 
  • Air exerts pressure. 
  • Air has mass. 
  • Air occupies space. 
  • Air is colourless and odourless. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Students can understand about the concept of air. 
  • Students can understand the properties of air.
  • Students can understand the uses of air.