Stages of gametogenesis in mammalian testis and ovary
1)Where does spermatogenesis occur in males?

2)What is the primary function of the testes in males?

3)Which of the following is not a product of spermatogenesis?

4)When does oogenesis typically begin in females?

5)Where does oogenesis primarily occur in females?

6)At what stage of spermatogenesis do cells become haploid (having half the chromosome number of somatic cells)?

7)What triggers the release of the secondary oocyte from the ovary during ovulation?

8)What happens to the ovarian follicle after ovulation?

9)What is the haploid chromosome number in a mature human sperm cell?

10)Which hormone is primarily responsible for regulating spermatogenesis in the testis?

11)During which stage of spermatogenesis do spermatogonia undergo meiosis I to produce two haploid secondary spermatocytes?

12)Study the anatomical structure of testis. Why is it crucial for the testis to be located outside the male body cavity in the scrotum?

13)What is the main purpose of human gametogenesis?

14)What is the correct order of stages in gametogenesis?