Parts of a Compound Microscope

Materials Required

  • Compound Microscope
  • Permanent slide


The Procedure

Real Lab Procedure

  • Place the microscope on the working table and remove dust by wiping the body with a silk cloth.  
  • Clean the lenses with lens cleaning fluid and lens cleaning paper. Identify the various parts of the microscope. 
  • Draw a diagram of the microscope and label its various parts.  
  • Take a permanent slide preparation or a temporary preparation made by you, and keep it on the stage of a microscope, fix it with clips after focusing and view. 
  • Learn how the microscope can be tilted or inclined by moving the arm of the microscope.  
  • Note, how focussing is done by moving the coarse adjustment and fine adjustment knobs. 


Simulator Procedure

Part A

  • Click on the play button to start the experiment. 
  • Identify and label the following components in the checkbox provided. 
  • A microscope with bubbles will be shown or displayed. 
  • At the top of the simulation area there will be three divisions- correct and wrong questions count, parts of the microscope and time taken. 
  • From the three division  one will show the part of the microscope.  
  • The same time the timer will start. 
  • Select any bubble from the microscope. 
  • If you select the correct bubbles which matches the name of parts of the microscope.   
  • The bubble will show green colour and one mark will count to the correct mark box. 
  • The correct label will appear in blank box near to the bubble. 
  • If answer chosen is wrong, the bubble will be red in colour and one mark will add to wrong mark count. 
  • On completing the task, it will show the marks and time taken. 
  • Repeat the experiment by clicking on the Reset button. 


Part B 

  • A microscope will be shown on the screen. 
  • Drag and drop the cloth beside the microscope to clean the microscope eyepiece and objectives. 
  • Click on the Switch to ON the microscope. 
  • Drag and drop a permanent slide towards the stage of the microscope.
  • A zoomed microscopic view will be visible.  
  • Click on the objectives to adjust the objective lens of microscope, First drag the 10x lens. 
  • Click on top/down button on the coarse adjustment knob.  
  • Click on top/down button on fine adjustment knob to observe the clear image. 
  • Click on the objective lens to adjust into 40X. 
  • Repeat the process to get the clear image. 
  • Click on the objectives to adjust the objective lens of microscope into 100X. 
  • Drag and drop the oil dropper and drop the oil into the slide.
  • Adjust the coarse and fine adjustment by clicking the respective knobs. 
  • A perfect enlarged image will be shown on the microscopic view.  
  • Repeat the experiment by clicking on the Reset button.