Parts of a Compound Microscope
1)Which part of the compound microscope regulates and controls the amount of light passing through the specimen?

2)Which part of the compound microscope focuses light onto a specimen the specimen?

3)Which lenses, characterised by a short focal length, are designed to create a magnified primary image of the object?

4)Which mechanical component of a compound microscope helps to enhance visual clarity of a sample?

5)What is the coarse adjustment knob used for?

6)Which objective lens should be chosen to begin the focusing process on a specimen?

7)What is the primary function of the objective lens?

8)How are the objective lenses classified based on the magnification level?

9)What is the term used to characterize the ability of the objective lens to clearly distinguish between two separate points?

10)Which objective lens has the shortest working distance from the object to visualize clearly?

11)Which part is used for holding the microscope?