Different parts of Compound Microscope
1)Identify the type of microscope given below.

2)Which part of compound microscope is used to control the amount of light passes through the condenser?

3)Which lenses are of short focal length intended to produce magnified primary image of the object?

4)Vertical hollow tube that carries the objectives and the eye piece at a convenient distance are called as

5)Which is the horizontal platform where the glass slide with the material is placed?

6) Which part is used for holding the microscope?

7)Name the type of lenses used in compound microscope.

8)Coarse adjustment knob is used for what purpose?

9)The light source used instead of a mirror in some compound microscope is called as

10)Identify the part of microscope given in diagram.

11) To focus a specimen, it is best to start with which objective?

12)If a microscope has a 4x ocular lens and a 10x objective, what is this microscope's total magnification?