Modifications of Stem
1)From where does the stem of a plant originate?

2)Which of the following is an example of an offset?

3)Sivakumar grew a pomegranate tree in his garden. He saw the ripe pomegranate and tried to pluck it from the tree, but something scratched his skin. Upon closer inspection, he found that a sharp needle-like structure had grown around the stem. What is the general term used to describe this needle-like structure, and what is its purpose?

4)In onion the swollen underground structure is called?

5)What is the purpose of the stem modification of phylloclade in cactus?

6)Athira has planned to create a garden based on stem modifications to yield starch products. She has collected several flowcharts. Could you please identify which of the following flowcharts helps create a garden to obtain starch material?

7)In his garden, Akshay cultivated a pumpkin plant. He noticed a spiral structure encircling the coconut tree, with stems emerging from this entangled area. He got confused about the purpose of this spiral structure and what term is generally used to describe that structure?

8)What term describes the stem modification of long internodes originating from the leaf axis in aquatic plants?

9)Which of the following plant is modified for the storage of food?

10)In subaerial modification, the stem is modified of stolon for what purpose?