Modification of Stems

Materials required 

Specimens of ginger, potato, onion, arbi (Arum), yam, whole plant of Oxalis, mint, water lettuce/Eichornia, Chrysanthemum, tendrils of Vitis/ passion flower, thorns of Pomegranate/ Bougainvillea/ Acacia, Opuntia, Ruscus, Asparagus, or other locally available specimens. 

The Procedure

Real lab procedure

  • Carefully observe the shape and external morphology of each specimen and observe differences in each type of the stem modifications. 

Simulator procedure 

  • Show a picture of stem modification 
  • Click on the modified stem region.
  • Observe the stem and other parts of the plant. 
  • Identify the part and functions of the modified stem. 
  • Drag and drop the correct labels. 
  • Try this for different plants by clicking on the ‘Reset’ button.