Modifications of Root

Materials Required

Samples/charts of radish, carrot, beetroot, turnip, Asparagus, sweet potato, pneumatophores, stilt roots, climbing roots, leguminous plants showing root nodules.


The Procedure

Real lab procedure

  • Carefully observe the shape and external morphology of each specimen and observe the modifications.

Simulator procedure (as performed through the Online Labs)

  • Show a picture of root modification.
  • Observe the root and other parts of the plant.
  • Identify the type and functions of the modified root.
  • Show a border line on the plant part when the mouse is moved over them.
  • Drag and drop the correct labels.
  • Show the description for the labelled parts when the mouse is moved over them.
  • Try this for different plants by clicking on the ‘Reset’ button.


Functions Plant Category Modified region
Mechanical support Banyan tree Adventitious Prop root
Sugarcane Adventitious Prop root
Maize Adventitious Stilt root
Orchids Adventitious Clinging
Black pepper Adventitious Climbing
Food storage Sweet potato Adventitious Tuberous
Mango ginger Adventitious Nodules
Dahlia Adventitious Tuberous
Sedges/ grasses Adventitious Moniliform
Carrot Tap root Conical
Radish Tap root Fusiform
Photosynthesis Tinospora Adventitious Assimilatory
Trapa Adventitious Assimilatory
Gaseous exchange Mangrooves Adventitious Pneumatophore
Sucking nutrients from host Cuscuta Adventitious Haustoria
Nitrogen fixation Pea and other leguminous plant Tap root Nodulated