Study of Phototropism and Geotropism in Plants
1)In which type of phototropism do the roots grow away from light?

2)Which hormone promotes cell elongation by promoting water intake and increasing cell elasticity?

3)In which process does the root grow in response to gravity?

4)Which device is commonly used to demonstrate the occurrence of phototropism?

5)Which part of a plant does negative phototropism occur?

6)Which factor contributes to the phenomenon of phototropism in stems and roots?

7)What is the term used to characterize the phenomenon where the stem grows towards light while the root grows away from it?

8)What are the factors that can influence or modify geotropic responses in plants?

9)In geotropism, what factors influence the directional growth of plants?

10)Which statement accurately describes plant stems?

11)Why is phototropism important for plants?

12)From the following real-world applications, where do you think an understanding of Geotropism might be useful?