Demonstration of Stomata on a Leaf Peel
1)Where are Stomata found?

2)In what part of the plant is transpiration happening?

3)What are Stomata responsible for?

4)On which surface of a dicot leaf are more stomata present?

5)On which surface of the monocot leaf are more stomata present?

6)When should the leaf be plucked in order to prepare a temporary slide of a leaf peel?

7)What part of the leaf is used to prepare the leaf peel mount?

8)Given below are the steps in the preparation of a temporary mount of a stained leaf peel. (I) Cover the material with the cover slip. (II) Transfer the stained peel to the clean glass slide and add a drop of glycerine. (III) Carefully pull out the thin membranous transparent layer from lower epidermis. (IV) Drop it in the water in a Petridish and add a drop of Safranin stain. Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps?

9)Which of the following was not a good source of leaf peel?

10)A well-stained temporary mount of leaf peel, when focused under high power of a microscope, should show which of the following?