Prepare the Herbarium sheet of Flowering Plants

Materials Required

  • Plant specimen or a twig of a plant (20 – 25 cm long) with leaves and flowers
  • A thick white sheet
  • News papers
  • Adhesive
  • Wooden board


The Procedure

Real Lab Procedure

  • Collect a plant or a twig with leaves and flowers.​ 
  • Place it inside the folds of a newspaper (or a blotting sheet) and spread the leaves and flowers gently without damaging them.​ 
  • Turn one of the leaves so that its ventral surface faces upwards.​ 
  • Cover the plant with the other half of the newspaper.​ 
  • Keep a heavy mass over the sample like a wooden board.
  • Repeat this process for four to five days till the plant becomes dry.​ 
  • Smear a small quantity of adhesive at a few places on the stem, branches and leaves.
  • Mount the dried plant twig on the white card sheet.​ 
  • Mark the details of the plant at the bottom right corner of the white card sheet which includes - name of plant, scientific name, family, date of collection, plant description etc.  


Simulator Procedure 

  • Select the plant from the icon on left side of screen (Neem plant, Peepal plant, Hibiscus plant, Jasmine plant).
  • Drag and drop the flower into the newspaper (place ventral surface facing upwards).
  • Click on the newspaper to fold it.  
  • Drag and drop the wooden block onto the top of the newspaper. 
  • Clock will be visible on screen showing the days 1 to 4.
  • Click on the Next button.  
  • Click on the wooden block to remove it.  
  • Click on the top of the newspaper to open it.  
  • Drag and drop the adhesive into the top of the white card sheet and spread the adhesive on the top of the white card sheet.  
  • Drag and drop the dry plant on the top of the white card sheet. Mount the plant on the white card sheet (herbarium sheet).  
  • Click on the top of the white card sheet to zoom the herbarium sheet.  
  • Click on the inference icon to know the details in herbarium sheet.
  • Click on the ‘Next/Reset’ button to select the next plant.