Monocot and Dicot Plants
1)A plant having reticulate venation in its leaves and 5 petals in its flowers is _______________.

2)What types of roots are present in a monocot plant?

3)Which group correctly shows monocot plants?

4)Which statement is not correct?

5)Two cotyledons are present in the seeds of which plant?

6)Venation is a term used to describe the pattern of arrangement of ____________.

7)Reticulate venation is characteristics of ________ .

8)On observing stem of a tree, it was found that vascular bundles were scattered through the stem with more of the bundles located towards the stem periphery than in the centre. The stem belongs to ______.

9)Which group correctly shows dicot plants?

10)If the leaves have stalks, then the plant is _____________ .

11)Vascular bundles are arranged in a ring form in __________ plant.

12)What is the number of pores present in the pollen of monocot plant?