Life Cycle of a Mosquito
1)At which stage of a mosquito’s life cycle does moulting takes place?

2)Why does only the female mosquito require a blood meal?

3)What do the larvae feed on?

4)Anopheles mosquito carries Plasmodium that causes malaria in which of the following?

5)The diagram given below represents the comma-shaped stage in a mosquito’s life cycle. In which stage is the mosquito shaped like a comma?

6)Larvae swim either through propulsion with their mouth brushes, or by jerky movements of their entire bodies, giving them the common name of _____.

7)The mosquito larvae spend most of their time hanging upside down at the surface, sucking in oxygen through ______________.

8)The mosquito pupae must take in oxygen from time to time through two breathing tubes known as ___________.

9)Which of the following describes the process of moulting?

10)Name a common disease caused by mosquitoes.

11)___________mosquitoes have the mouth parts necessary for sucking blood.

12)A mosquito has four stages in its life span: (I) Egg stage (II) Larva stage (III) Pupa stage (IV) Adult stage. The mosquito requires food only during which stages?