Adaptation in Animals
1)What are vertebrates?

2)Which of the following is an incorrect characteristic of an earthworm?

3)Animal species in the laboratory are generally stored in ________.

4)How many chambers are present in the heart of fishes and birds?

5)Which of the following has an air bladder?

6)Given below are four organisms A, B, C and D. Which organisms have common features which place them in the phylum? (A) Earthworm (B) Cockroach (C) Bony fish (D) Birds

7)A cockroach is _________.

8)A specimen of a fish was given to students to identify the externally visible chordate feature in it. What would the students look for?

9)In a bony fish, how are the gills covered?

10)Which of the following is not clearly visible in birds?

11)Which of the following is an incorrect adaptation for birds?

12)Observe the pictures of a bird and a bony fish. What is the feature that places them in the same phylum?

13)Observe the pictures of the honeybee and cockroach. What is the common feature that assigns them to the same phylum?

14)Which describes amphibian animals?

15)Which of the following is an incorrect characteristic of a cockroach?

16)Among the following which one is not the member of Arthropoda?