Onion and Cheek Cells
1)Which of the following is used to stain cells of an onion peel?

2)To observe the cells in an onion peel, we should prepare a slide of which part of the onion?

3)In the experiment to prepare a temporary mount of cells, what is the mounting medium used?

4)Why is the temporary mount slide mounted in glycerine?

5)Why are cells stained?

6)Where is the sample collected when preparing a temporary mount of a human cheek cell?

7)While preparing a temporary mount of cheek cells, teacher asked Rohit to pick up the stain. He had four bottles A, B, C and D containing Methylene blue, glycerine, distilled water, Canada balsam respectively. Which one should he pick?

8)If there is extra stain on the slide, how is it removed?

9)Given below are four operations for preparing a temporary mount of human cheek cells- (i) Taking scraping from inner side of cheek and spreading it on a clean slide. (ii) Putting a drop of glycerine on the material. (iii) Adding 2-3 drops of Methylene blue. (iv) Rinsing the mouth with fresh water and disinfectant solution. The correct sequence of this operation is

10)Why is the cover slip put on the mounted material on a slide very gently?

11)Organisms lacking nucleus and membrane bound cell organisms are called _________.

12)While observing a stained mount of onion peel under high power compound microscope, the central part of the cell takes very little stain. What is the name of this part of the cell?

13)What is the shape of a human cheek cell?

14)When viewing under a microscope,what is the colour of the cell wall of an onion peel after being stained in safranin?

15)A human cheek cell stained in methylene blue and mounted in glycerine was observed under a compound microscope. The components of cell which may be seen are: