Detection of Adulterant in Dal
1)What is an adulterant?

2)Name one adulterant which is commonly used to adulterate dal.

3)Which dal causes neurotoxicity?

4)What is the full name of ISI?

5)What is metanil?

6)Name one adulterant which is commonly used to adulterate turmeric powder.

7)What is the cause of the epidemic disease Dropsy?

8)Why is lead chromate added to turmeric powder?

9)Four samples of Arhar dal were taken in four test tubes with some water in each and labeled P,Q, R and S. A few drops of following were added to these test tubes: water to test tube P, HCl to test tube Q , NaOH to test tube R and Alcohol to test tube S. We would be able to confirm adulteration of Dal with Metanil yellow in which test tubes?

10)On adding conc.hydrochloric acid to dal, the dal turns to pink in colour. This indicates the presence of?

11)The following statement describes the steps to detect the presence of metanil yellow in dal. One of the four statements given below is incorrect.