Detection of Starch in Food Samples
1)Out of the following, which one is a simple carbohydrate?

2)In which form is carbohydrate stored in plants?

3)What is the storage form of carbohydrate in animals?

4)Which food contains starch?

5)Which is an example of a monosaccharide?

6)What is an animal polysaccharide, which is a storage form of glucose, and provides a rapid release of energy when needed by the body?

7)What are compounds composed of many monosaccharides linked together called?

8)Rice, bread, potatoes and pasta are examples of which type of food?

9)_________________ is formed by combining a fructose unit and a glucose unit.

10)Arun added few drops of iodine solution to three test tubes A, B and C containing food samples. A blue-black colour appeared on the test tube A and C. What was the correct order of the food samples in the test tubes?

11)A food sample turned blue-black after addition of a few drops of iodine solution. What does this sample contain?

12)What color does iodine turn when it is in the presence of starch?

13)While doing an experiment with a potato, a student accidently dropped a liquid on it, which made the potato slice blue-black. What liquid was dropped?

14)To observe starch granules in potato under a microscope, freshly cut surface of potato was placed on a slide. The stain that will show starch granules clearly is ___.

15)Paul was rushing with a bottle of tincture iodine. Some iodine solution splashed on his yellow coloured cotton shirt and also on the white table cloth. The stain on the table cloth was yellowish brown while that on his shirt was blue-black. What is the most plausible scientific reason for this?

16)The colour of starch solution is:

17)Iodine reacts with starch to form __________________complex which gives blue black colour.