Determination of concentration of KMnO₄ solution
1)What do you mean by a standard solution? 

2)The indicator used in KMnO₄ titration is 

3)Mohr’s salt is chemically___. 

4)What is the molarity of oxalic acid solution prepared by dissolving 0.63g of oxalic acid in 100ml water? 

5)The type of reaction involved in permanganometric titration is___. 

6)In acidic medium MnO₄⁻ is reduced to ___. 

7)The weight of Ferrous ammonium sulphate required to prepare 250ml N/20 solution is___. 

8)A standard solution of which of the following is used to determine the concentration of potassium permanganate solution? 

9)An example of a primary standard is___. 


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