Preparation of (250 mL of 0.1M) Standard Solution of Oxalic Acid
1)What is the molar mass of oxalic acid (H2C2O4)?

2)To prepare a 0.1M solution of oxalic acid, how many grams of oxalic acid would be required for 250 mL of solution?

3)What is the formula for calculating the mass of the solute (m)?

4)What is the common name of oxalic acid?

5)If the molecular formula of oxalic acid is (COOH)2, what is the molarity of a 100 mL solution prepared by dissolving 63 g of oxalic acid in water?

6)Which of the following is not the property of oxalic acid?

7)Which of the following is a primary standard substance for standardizing the solution of oxalic acid?

8)In the preparation of a standard solution of oxalic acid, what is the role of a measuring flask?

9)Why is it necessary to stir the solution while preparing a standard solution of oxalic acid?

10)What is the purpose of standardizing the oxalic acid solution?