To Study the Relative Reactivity of Metals using Salt Solution
1)Which one of the following salt solutions is colourless?

2)Name a least reactive metal.

3)Identify the set up in which reaction occurs.


4)In the diagrams below, four test tubes containing different solutions are shown along with the colours of their solutions. FeSO₄ is contained in which test tube?


5)Iron nails were dipped in a solution kept in a test tube. After half an hour, it was observed that the colour of the solution had changed. Which solution was in the test tube?

6)When an aluminium strip is kept immersed in freshly prepared ferrous sulphate solution taken in a test tube, what change is observed?

7)Four strips labelled A, B, C and D along with their corresponding colours are shown below. which of these could be made up of aluminum?


8)A piece of granulated zinc was put into 5 mL of freshly prepared copper sulphate solution kept in a test tube. After one hour, the colour of the solution was observed to change from ______________.

9)Which metal decolourises a blue solution of copper sulphate?

10)A strip of copper was placed in zinc sulphate solution in a beaker. On observing the next day, what was seen?