Show that Acids, Bases, and Salts are Electrolytes
1)Which of the following substances is known to produce hydrogen ions (H+) in water and is categorized as an electrolyte?

2)What is the primary characteristic of electrolytes?

3)Which of the following is a strong electrolyte?

4)Which of the following solutions will conduct electricity?

5)What is the process by which acids produce hydrogen ions in water?

6)The components that carry an electric charge in the solution of an electrolyte are called?

7)Which of the following is an example of a base that can dissociate into hydroxide ions in water?

8)In which of the following solutions will the pH be greater than 7?

9)What type of solution will be formed if hydrochloric acid is added to water?

10)What category of compounds is formed when the hydrogen ions of an acid are replaced by metal ions or ammonium ions?