Show that Acids, Bases, and Salts are Electrolytes
1)Lewis's concept does explain the behaviour of __________

2)What occurs in a test tube when an acid solution is combined with a base solution? (i) Temperature of the solution decreases (ii) Temperature of the solution increases (iii) The temperature of the solution remains the same (iv) Salt formation takes place

3)The apparatus given in the adjoining figure was set up to demonstrate electrical conductivity? (i) Bulb will not glow because the electrolyte is not acidic. (ii) Bulb will glow because HCl is a strong acid and furnishes ions for conduction. (iii) Bulb will not glow because the circuit is incomplete. (iv) Bulb will not glow because it depends upon the type of electrolytic solution.

4)Water is a ……

5)The flow of current in an electrolyte is due to

6)Pure water consists of ………

7)The negative electrode in the process of electrolysis is

8)Is sea water being an electrolyte?

9)Copper is a good conductor of electricity, but why it acts as a non- electrolyte?

10)Electrolytes conduct electricity in their aqueous solution or molten state to undergo decomposition into ions.