Melting Point of Ice
1)What is the melting point of ice at 1 atmospheric pressure?

2)Which of the following is the correct method for finding the melting point of ice?


3)What is the process by which a solid changes into a liquid?

4)At room temperature (30°C) a student sets up an apparatus to determine the melting point of ice. The student takes a beaker half filled with ice and dips a mercury thermometer in it. What is the correct observation?

5)What is the temperature at which a substance changes from the solid state to the liquid state?

6)What is the effect of an increase in pressure on the melting point of ice?

7)How does the presence of an impurity affect the melting point of a compound?

8)Why do you stir the ice pieces using a glass rod while heating?

9)The following pictures represent the determination of melting point of ice. Which one shows the correct thermometer reading?


10)The following precautions were listed for the experiment to determine the melting point of ice. Which is the incorrect precaution?


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