Boiling Point of Water
1)What is the boiling point of water at one atmospheric pressure?

2)How does the presence of impurities affect the boiling point of water?

3)What is the temperature called at which vapour pressure becomes equal to atmospheric pressure?

4)What is the boiling point of water at altitudes above sea level?

5)What is the effect of decrease of pressure on the boiling point of water?

6)Boiling chips are added to the liquid while boiling. This is to………………..

7)Evaporation causes which of the following?

8)Water is boiled at three different places- A, B & C, whose altitudes are in the order of 500(ft), 1000(ft) & 4000(ft) above the sea level. Which among the following is the correct observation?

9)What does the boiling point of a liquid depend upon?

10)Which one of the following experimental arrangements is correct for the determination of boiling point of water?