Refractive Index of Glass slab using Travelling Microscope
1)Select the incorrect statement on refractive index.

2)Apparent depth depends on I. nature of the medium II. actual depth or thickness of the medium III. colour of light

3)What type of image is formed when an object is placed under a glass slab?

4)A glass slab has refractive index 1.5 and thickness 12cm. An air bubble when viewed from one side is at 6cm below the surface. Where will be the air bubble when it is viewed again after inverting the glass slab?

5)Refractive index of hollow glass slab will be

6)Select the correct relation between main scale division (MSD) and vernier scale division (VSD)

7)Difference between the actual depth and the apparent depth

8)To a fish inside a lake when viewing obliquely, a boy standing at the bank of a lake will appear

9)What type of error occurs when you move the microscope in both direction?

10)A glass slab

11)You have three slabs of same dimensions – the first one being hollow and completely filled with water, the second one is made of crown glass and the third flint glass. If each of them has a coloured mark at the bottom, in which case will it appear to have risen the most? Given its nflint > ncrown > nwater