Conversion of Galvanometer to Ammeter
1)Which is the device used to measure large electric currents in a circuit?

2)How can we convert a galvanometer into a voltmeter?

3)Which instrument is used for measuring electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit?

4)How can we convert a galvanometer into a ammeter?

5)Select a resistance among the following to be connected in parallel to convert a 1 mA full scale deflection galvanometer of resistance 100Ω into an ammeter to read up to 1A?

6)Write an alternative name of a high resistance galvanometer, used to measure potential difference between two points?

7)A galvanometer of resistance 50Ω shows full scale division for a current of 0.05A. Calculate the length of shunt resistance required to convert the given galvanometer into an ammeter of range 0 to 5A. The diameter of the shunt wire is 2 mm and its resistivity is 5×10^-7Ωm.

8)What is the resistance of an ideal ammeter?

9)Choose the correct statement from the following

10)What resistance must be connected to enable the galvanometer of resistance 5Ω and have a full scale deflection 15 mA to read 1.5V?


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