Diode characteristics
1)Which of the following is the correct relation between electron and hole concentrations of an intrinsic semiconductor?

2)Why do the n- type semiconductors are called so?

3)What happens to the width of depletion layer of a p-n junction diode while forward biasing?

4)How are electrical conductivity (σ) and resistivity (ρ) of a semiconductor material is related?

5)The depletion region of a p-n junction diode is one which consists of

6)Which of the following is equivalent to a revere biased p-n junction diode?

7)Find out the correct statement about semiconductors from the following?

8)What is the type of extrinsic semiconductor obtained by adding a trivalent impurity to an intrinsic semiconductor?

9)What is the behavior of an intrinsic semiconductor at absolute zero temperature?

10)When a large reverse voltage is applied, the current flowing through a p-n junction diode at room temperature is 0.2µA. Calculate the current when a forward voltage of 0.1 V is applied across the junction?