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Class 12
Class 12

Refractive Index of a Liquid
To find the refractive index of a liquid using convex lens by parallax method.
Concave Lens - Focal Length
To find the focal length of a concave lens using a convex lens by (a) Lens in contact method (b) Lens out of contact method
Convex Mirror - Focal Length
Find the focal length of a convex mirror using a convex lens
Refraction through a Prism
(A) To study the angle of deviation (d) with angle of incidence (i) and to find the angle of minimum deviation (D) from i-d curve. (B) To find out the refractive index of the material of the prism using A and D.
Ohm's law and resistance
To determine resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph of potential difference versus current.
The potentiometer- Comparison of emf
To compare the E.M.F.s of two given primary cells using potentiometer
Transistor characteristics
To study the characteristics of a common n-p-n (or p-n-p) transistor and to find out the values of current and voltage gains.
The Concave mirror - u-v method
To determine the focal length of athe given concave mirror by u-v method.
Diode characteristics
To draw the I-V characteristics of a p-n junction diode in forward bias and reverse bias.
AC Sonometer
To find the frequency of the A.C. mains with a sonometer (and an electromagnet).
Metre Bridge-Resistance of a wire
To find the resistance of a given wire using metre bridge and find the specific resistance of the material of the wire
Metre bridge- Law of combination of resistors
Verify the laws of combination (series/parallel) of resistances
The Potentiometer-Internal resistance of a cell
To find the internal resistance of a given cell
Figure of Merit of a galvanometer
To determine the resistance of a galvanometer by half deflection method and to find its figure of merit
Zener Diode
To draw the characteristic curve of a zener diode and to determine its reverse break down voltage.
Conversion of Galvanometer to Ammeter
To convert the given galvanometer (of known resistance and figure of merit) into an ammeter of desired range and to verify the same.