To demonstrate Interconversion of Potential and Kinetic Energy
1)What is the correct option in the circumstance of throwing a ball upward?

2)When a spring is compressed, what type of energy is stored in the spring?

3)Which of the following best defines kinetic energy?

4)Which of the following factors affects the amount of potential energy possessed by an object?

5)Which of the following options is not an example of interconversion of kinetic and potential energy?

6)When a car accelerates from rest, what happens to its kinetic energy?

7)Which real-life example best illustrates the interconversion of potential and kinetic energy, like the principles demonstrated by Maxwell's Wheel and a simple pendulum?

8)Which of the following best describes the behaviour of Maxwell's Wheel?

9)How does the conservation of energy apply to Maxwell's Wheel?

10)Why does Maxwell's wheel lose its height each time the wheel is wound back up the string?