Bernoulli's Theorem

Our Objective

To demonstrate Bernoulli's theorem with simple illustrations. 


The Theory


The fluid is flowing in the pipe.  P1, v1 and h1 are pressure, velocity and height at O. P2, v2 and h2 are pressure, velocity and height at M. 


By conservation of energy  

P+ (1/2) + ρ ν1+ ρgh= P+ (1/2) + ρ ν2+ ρgh

P + (1/2) + ρ ν+ ρgh =  Constant                                                       

This is Bernoulli’s equation. It relates pressure, velocity and height of a fluid. 

Bernoulli’s principle: As we move along streamline sum of pressure, kinetic energy per unit volume and potential energy per unit volume remains constant. 

From Bernoulli’s equation pressure is inversely proportional to velocity. 


Learning Outcomes  

  • Students can understand Bernoulli’s principles through simple illustrations.
  • Students can understand the relationship between pressure and velocity of fluid.
  • Students can explain applications of Bernoulli's theorem.