Resonance Column
1)What type of vibrations is produced in the air column in resonance tube?

2)What is meant by resonance produced in the resonance column?

3)What is the purpose of obtaining resonating length in resonance column experiment?

4)Choose the incorrect statement from the following.

5)What happens to the resonance length if the frequency of tuning fork increases?

6)What is the distance between two successive nodes in a stationary wave of wavelength λ?

7)What is the effect of temperature on velocity of sound in air?

8)What happens to the resonance position if we take kerosene oil in place of water in the resonance column experiment?

9)The velocity of sound in air at 30oC is 351.45 m/s. Calculate the velocity of sound in air at 0 degree Celcius?

10)The speed of sound waves in air s found to be 340 m/s. Determine the fundamental frequency of an open end air column which has a length of 67.5 cm?