Vernier Calipers
1)What is vernier constant?

2)What is the function of sliding strip or rod?

3)Why is a slide callipers called a 'Vernier Callipers'?

4)Which of the following measurements cannot be made by a vernier calliper?

5)Which of the following is a true statement?

6)Which of the following is incorrect with regard to zero error?

7)Least count: metre scale - 1mm, vernier callipers - 0.1mm, screw guage and spherometer - 0.01mm. Which has the least accuracy?

8)Vernier Constant is given by:

9)Principle of vernier callipers:

10)A student used a vernier caliper to measure the length of his pencil.He found that the main scale showed a reading of 8.3 and vernier scale coincides with 5th position to the main scale.What was the correct measurement of the length of the pencil?

11)The diagram below shows the part of a vernier caliper used to measure the diameter of a soft drink can.What is the reading shown?

12)During the measurement of the inner diameter of a measuring jar, Arun got the reading as follows . What is the reading shown?