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Screw Gauge
1)The distance through which the screw advances when it is rotated through one division of the head scale is

2)The head scale of a screw gauge contains 100 divisions and its pitch is 1 mm. What is the least count of the screw gauge?

3)Which of the following is more accurate in measuring the dimensions of an object?

4)What is the screw gauge also called?

5)Which of the following can be measured by a screw gauge?

6)A carpenter, while driving a screw through a wooden block, of thickness 1 cm, observe that he has to rotate the screw 10 times for the purpose. The pitch of the screw is :

7)A pupil used a micrometer screw gauge of 0.5 mm pitch and 50 head scale divisions to measure the thickness of a glass panel. The diagram below shows part of the micrometer. What is the thickness of the glass panel?

8)The diagram shows part of a micrometer screw gauge having 50 dvs in the head scale. What is the reading shown?

9)Write the correct reading of the micrometer screw gauge shown below?

10)The part of the screw gauge which prevents it from undue tightening.