Equivalent Resistance of Resistors (Parallel)
1)When two resistances R₁ and R₂ are connected in parallel their equivalent resistance is 

2)When the three resistances are connected in parallel combination, then the effective resistance ________.

3)A student combines the two resistors in parallel combination, the number of common point he found is 

4)Two or more resistors are said to be in parallel if one end of a resistor is connected to 

5)Ten identical resistances each 1Ω are connected in parallel. This combination has an effective resistance of:

6)A student combined n resistors, each of resistance R. The value of the smallest resistance that he can obtain by combining them is 

7)When the temperature of a metallic conductor increases, its resistance ________.

8)As length increases, what happens to the resistance?

9)On plugging the key, the voltmeter / ammeter is likely to be damaged in the circuit shown in which figure?


10)Which of the circuit components in the following circuit diagram are connected in parallel?


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