Convex Lens Focal Length
1)The effective diameter of the spherical outline of a convex lens is called

2)Select correct option related to virtual image?

3)Four convex lenses had the same aperture. Which of the following convex lenses has more convergence?

4)Student 1 starts measurement from object. Student 2 starts measurement from the optical centre. Which of the following options is correct?

5)The two spherical surfaces of a lens form part of a sphere. The centres of these spheres are called

6)The bending of light when it passes from one medium to another under oblique incidence is

7)The focal length of a lens is 20 cm. Its power is

8)The focal length of 3 lenses is 15cm,10 cm and 20 cm respectively. Which of the following lens has more power?

9)Object is placed on the left side of the lens. Image is formed on the left side of lens. Which of the following options is correct? u-distance from object to optical centre v- -distance from object to optical centre

10)Power of 2 convex lenses are 0.25 and 0.5. What is the power of convex lens which is combination of these 2 lenses?

11)A peephole on doors uses

12)Select the incorrect statement on refractive index

13)Select the incorrect statement on refraction.

14)Which of the following is not included in the precautions of a convex lens experiment?