Pressure Exerted by a Solid Iron Cuboid on Sand
1)The normal force exerted on unit area is called?

2)Mass of an object is10 kg. What is its weight on earth?

3)The thrust exerted by a wooden block on the table top is 49 N and the area of the wooden block is 200 cm². Find the pressure.

4)What is the acceleration due to gravity of earth?

5)_______ of an object is the force on the object due to gravity.

6)What does thrust depend on?

7)When the area is large, then the pressure exerted is ________.

8)What is the definition of pressure?

9)Volume of a rectangular block can be calculated by which equation?

10)The effect of pressure exerted is larger _________.

11)Which of the following shows the application of the idea of pressure in daily life?