Speed of a Transverse Pulse Propagated through a Stretched String

Our Objective

To determine the speed of a transverse pulse propagated through a stretched string. 


The Theory 

A pulse is small disturbance through medium lasts for short time.  

Transverse pulse – Particles of medium moves perpendicular to the direction of motion of pulse. 

We can observe pulse in long stretched string. The pulse reflects when it reaches fixed boundary. 

Method to measure the speed of the pulse  

If a pulse travels through string, we can use equation  


To find velocity of a pulse through string 

l-length of string 

T-Time period of pulse 

Speed of pulse is different for different string length.  Speed of pulse may be different for same length. 

Factors affecting speed of pulse  

Speed of a pulse depends upon the tension and mass per unit length of the string 


T-Tension on the string 

μ-mass per unit length of the string. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students learn to demonstrate transverse pulse.
  • Students understand how to find speed of wave.