Laws of Reflection of Sound
1)The wave property of sound which remains the same after reflection:

2)Which of the following is carried by waves from one place to another?

3)If the air in the experimental room warms up, what happens to the speed of sound in it?

4)In which medium would you be able to hear sound in the experiment?

5)Which of the following is true in the case of reflection of sound?

6)When the sound is allowed to fall normally on the reflecting surface, what is the angle at which the intensity of sound is the maximum?

7)In which medium would you be able to hear the sound in the experiment?

8)What is the phenomenon of the echo of sound waves due to?

9)When a sound wave propagates, which physical quantity changes in the medium?

10)What does the speed of sound in medium depend on?

11)Soft surfaces are:

12)The property of reflection and refraction is associated with which kind of wave?

13)What are the parameters that affect the velocity of sound in a medium?

14)Where is the sound directed in the experiment of Verification of Laws of Reflection of Sound?

15)What happens when sound is reflected from a surface?

16)Which types of surfaces are needed for the reflection of a sound wave?

17)Reflection of sound is utilized in the working of which of the following devices?

18)What sound should you hear while doing the experiment?

19)If the reflecting surface and the source of sound both are in the plane of the table, what should the position of the ear of the observer be?

20)The wave property of sound which responses to the ear

21)How is sound is produced?

22)What happens in sound propagation?

23)The persistence of sound in an auditorium is the result of what factor?

24)Devu, while verifying the laws of reflection of sound, measured the angle between the incident sound wave and reflected sound wave to be 130°. What is the angle of incidence?

25)Which of the following is correct?