Show that non-metallic oxides are acidic in nature
1)Which of the following statements is true for acids?

2)The more non-metallic character of an element represents, _______ oxide.

3)The metal in metal oxide replaces the __________ from acid.

4)The formation of metal oxide on the surface of the metal is called

5)SO₃ + Mg(OH)₂ →

6)Black copper (II) oxide dissolves in colourless sulfuric acid to give:

7)The black colour of copper oxide turns blue on treating with HCl because of:

8)The reaction between copper oxide and nitric acid forms:

9)The oxide that can form salt and water with a base as well as with acid is :

10)Metallic oxides react with ………… to give salts and water, similar to the reaction of a/an ……… with an acid, metallic oxides are said to be basic oxides.