To show that hydrogen gas evolved by the action of acids on some metals
1)Which of these metals cannot be used to prepare hydrogen by the action of an acid?

2)Metals often react with acids to produce salt and hydrogen gas. Which of the following acids, when interacting with metals (excluding Mn and Mg), does not produce hydrogen gas?

3)Which gas is usually liberated when an acid reacts with a metal? 

4)Which of the following is used for the dissolution of gold?

5)Aluminium metal is used for making utensils. Which of the properties of Al metal is responsible for the same?

6)What is obtained when Zn react with NaOH?

7)Which of the following metals do not react with hot and cold water?

8)Why the addition of HNO3 into metal does not produce hydrogen gas

9)What happens when silver chloride is reacted with HCl?