Study of distribution of stomata
1)Which of the following statements is true for dicot plants?

2)On which surface of the leaf of the water lily are more stomata present?

3)Which of the following statements is true for monocot plants?

4)The equation for calculating stomatal index is:

5)Identify the missing part from the sketch of the stomatal apparatus given below.

6)Which of the following is true about the case of submerged aquatics plants?

7)Given below are the steps in the preparation of a temporary mount of a stained leaf peel. (I) Cover the two slides with the cover slip. (II) Take two glass slides and transfer the stained peels to them and add a drop of glycerine. (III) Carefully pull out the thin membranous transparent layer from lower and upper epidermis. (IV) Drop peels in the water in a Petri dish and add a drop of Safranin stain.

8)A student focused epidermal peel on both surfaces of leaf under high power (shown below). Calculate the stomatal index of both the surfaces of the leaf and identify the type of plant.