Characteristics of Flowers

Materials Required

Real Lab Procedure

  • Take one flower and make the following observations.
  • Note down whether it has a pedicel, bracts, epicalyx or not.
  • Identify the presence of different whorls of floral leaves such petals, sepals, androecium and gynoecium.
  • Carefully remove the floral leaves of each whorl and place them whorlwise on a white paper, i.e., sepals, petals, stamens and carpels
  • Count the number of floral leaves of each whorl.
  • Using a blade, cut thin section of ovary. Mount the section on a slide in a drop of water and examine under dissecting microscope. 
  • Count the number of chambers in anther and ovary and number of ovules in each chamber locule.
  • Find the nature of ovary, style stigma and placentation.

Simulator Procedure (as performed through the Online Labs)

  • To select a sample of a flower, click on the corresponding icon.
  • Click on the “Cross-sectional view”button to view the cross section of the sample.
  • To count the number of floral leaves of each whorl of the selected sample, click on the button, “Count the florals”.
  • Drag the forceps towards the flower and remove the floral leaves of each whorl and drag to place them on the right pane.
  • To repeat the experiment, click on the ‘Reset’ button.