Study of Osmosis
1)The tendency for the solvent molecules of a solution to move from a region of their higher concentration to the region of their lower concentration through a semi permeable membrane is called:

2)When a solution has low levels of a solute, it is considered to be:

3)When the concentration of solutes outside the living cell is lower than inside the cell, then the solution is said to be;

4)The membranes that only allow specific materials to pass through them are called:

5)In osmosis, solvent molecules move towards the ____ solution: that is, toward the solution with the ____ solute concentration.

6)To conduct an experiment on osmosis using potato osmometer, one potato is filled with 40% sugar solution and second potato is filled with 30% sugar solution. Both potatoes are immersed into beakers containing 100% water. The results are demonstrated as:

7)A beaker is partitioned by a semi permeable membrane which contains two different concentrations of solutions (as shown in below image). Which one of the following statements best describes what will happen to this system?

8)Vivek is doing an experiment on osmosis using potato osmometer. He filled the potato with a 50% sugar solution. If he wants water to enter from potato to beaker, which beaker should he place it into?