Rate of Transpiration
1)What is the process of evaporation of water into the atmosphere from the aerial parts of plants called?

2)Which one of the following affects the rate of transpiration? (i) Light, (ii) Temperature, (iii) Humidity, (iv) Wind

3)How does humidity affect the rate of transpiration?

4)Out of the following, which is not the correct statement?

5)How does temperature affect the rate of transpiration?

6)Dry cobalt chloride paper turns blue to __________ in colour in the presence of water.

7)A leaf from a plant is covered with cobalt chloride paper to study rate of transpiration, as shown in the figure below. Which one of the following is the correct result?


8)An experiment is being done using cobalt chloride paper to study the rate of transpiration in upper and lower surface of the leaves. Results are shown in the below image. The time taken to change blue cobalt chloride paper to pink in the above experiment is noted in the image. Now, conclude that which side of the leaf has more stomata.