Paper Chromatography
1)The R_f value is calculated as

2)What are the four primary pigments in a plant leaves?

3)What is chromatography?

4)The term chromatography is derived from Greek. Chroma means ___________ and Graphe means_________.

5)What is the colour of chlorophyll a?

6)How can the different compounds in a mixture in paper chromatography be identified?

7)Given below are the steps in the preparation of a temporary mount of a stained leaf peel. i) Grind the spinach leaves using the mortar and pestle. ii) When solvent rises about 3/4th of the way up the strip, remove the strip carefully and let it dry. iii) Using a thread, hang the filter paper strip into the chromatographic chamber that contains ether acetone solvent. iv) Put a drop of the pigment extract in the middle of the filter paper strip. Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps?