Role of Carbon Dioxide during Respiration
1)Which seeds are used in the experiment to show that carbon dioxide is given out during respiration?

2)Which one of the following is used in the experiment to ensure that all connections are airtight?

3)In the experiment demonstrating respiration in germinating seeds, why is KOH used?

4)Why should we use only clear and freshly prepared lime water for this experiment?

5)A student set up the apparatus for the experiments to show that Co2 is released during respiration. After 2 hours what would he or she observe?

6)Germinating seeds are used to demonstrate respiration experimentally, because they carry out which of the following?

7)Why is some KOH is placed in a small test tube in the flask with the germinating seeds in the experiment to demonstrate occurrence of respiration in germinating seeds.

8)Aerobic respiration takes place in which cell organelle?

9)Name the compound in which energy is stored.

10)What is the general equation for respiration?