Study the phenomenon of osmosis
1)The movement of the solvent molecules of a solution from a region of their higher concentration to the region of their lower concentration through a semi permeable membrane is called:

2)When the concentration of solutes outside the living cell is lower than inside the cell, then the solution is called as

3)When the amount of water in a cell is higher than the amount of solute in a cell it is said to be

4)Which piece of apparatus is used to measure the rate of osmosis?

5)What does selectively permeable mean?

6)Why do plant cells become flaccid in concentrated sugar solutions?

7)If a cell is placed in salt water, the water will:

8)How is isotonic defined?

9)An egg with a dissolved shell is placed in pure water for 48 hours what will happen?

10)What makes the egg get deshelled when it is placed in dilute HCl?