Identify the Life Cycle of Malarial Parasite
1)Which of the following human disease is transmitted from the vector Anopheles mosquito ?

2)Malaria is caused by which organism

3)Who is the primary host of malarial parasites ?

4)Which of the following statement regarding Plasmodium falciparum are true?

5)The malignant tertian malaria is caused by

6)Which is the infective form of the malaria parasite ?

7)A thin blood smear is used as a specimen for the microscopic detection of Plasmodia, which of the following dyes or stain is used for the identification?

8)Name the organ in which the malarial parasite could reside and stay dormant for up to one year during the transmission of the disease in humans.

9)Malaria cannot be spread from person to person and is not a sexually transmitted disease

10) The sexual cycle of plasmodium is completed at where