Plant and Animal Tissues
1)Multinucleated condition is seen in what type of cell?

2)In transverse section, parenchymatous cells show which features?

3)Pooja was observing a permanent slide of nervous tissue under a microscope. Name the kind of cells observed in nervous tissue.

4)What are the features that best describe parenchyma cells?

5)A permanent slide shows thin walled isodiametric cells with a large vacuole. The slide shows what type of cells?

6)What is the cell body of the nerve cell called?

7)Out of the following, which is the type of tissue whose cells are dead?

8)What are specimens of plants and animals preserved in?

9)Light and dark bands are present in _______.

10)Label 'a; and 'b' correctly in the following diagram.

11)What shape do striated muscles have?

12)Where are dendrites found?

13)Sclerenchyma cells are ________.

14)Striated muscles are characterized by how many nuclei?