Characteristics of Plants
1)What is the branch of biology that deals with algae called?

2)Which division amongst the plants has the simplest organisms?

3)Spores produced by Agaricus sp. is termed as

4)The first vascular plant known to have formed on land is

5)In which of the following are winged pollen grains found?

6)Naked ovule as reproductive organs is the characteristic feature of which class of plants?

7)Why are ferns considered more advanced than mosses?

8)How many cotyledons does a seed of Pinus have?

9)How many cotyledons do seeds of monocot plants have?

10)Flowering plants are known as_________.

11)How many cotyledons does a dicot plant have?

12)Which are the first seeded plants known to have formed on land?

13)What is the root-like structure of the fern called?

14)Review the images of the two plants given below. Observe carefully and Identify them and name the groups to which they belong.

15)A teacher demonstrated two specimens A and B from the plant kingdom to the student, as given below. Which was the most accurate identification made by the student?

16)A student carefully observes the parts labeled in the given diagram and classifies the plant correctly as ___________.